Genesis EW offers a large scale of tactical intelligence solutions with superior operational capabilities integrating to land, sea and air EW systems for symmetric as well as asymmetric warfare.
Our solutions rely on innovative battlefield analysis algorithms enabling generation of real time Arena Situation Picture for military Defense forces and Homeland Security organizations use.

The Arena Situation Picture is generated based on COMINT DF Sensors or TDOA Systems.
Genesis EW solutions may be delivered with new COMINT sensors or integrated to the customer existing COMINT sensors.


Genesis EW provides end user customers (army) with the ability to upgrade their COMINT Systems using their own existing legacy sensors. Genesis EW thus enables its customers to considerably extend the life cycle of their existing COMINT systems with a cost effective solution that provides state of the art intelligence products and an enhanced Arena Situation Picture.


Genesis EW invites Defense Integrators and COMINT Sensors producers to enrich their proposed solutions with a cost effective system providing state of the art intelligence products.
Our solutions are based on GenCOM Defense platform which easily integrates to customers' systems to provide the exact solution to any requirement.


Each of our solutions enables the operators to maintain all Battlefield’s Entities in the database while saving the history of each entity, e.g. locations, activities, etc.

Genesis EW