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GenCOM Borderline Defense is a cost-effective solution designed to foil borderline breaches.

It provides intelligence superiority over terrorists, smugglers and infiltrators through the receipt of focused, real-time alerts which enable identifying unexpected borderline threats.

Based on data obtained from cellular, satellite or wireless/radio communications signals of hostile elements, GenCOM Borderline Defense employs advanced technologies to automatically map, analyze and produce real-time alerts for suspicious activities in the monitored borderline area.







GenCOM Perimeter Security supplies real-time intelligence coverage for designated perimeters.
The system provides intelligence superiority in a defined area of interest by analyzing the cellular or radio communications in area and automatically alerting the operator of perimeter threats by utilizing a pre-determined set of sophisticated algorithms.
The system supports still and video VISINT sensors in strategic locations around the perimeter and enables the operator to monitor and transcript the conversations of the suspects.






GenCOM Infrastructure Security solution is designed to protect civilian infrastructure stretched over extended areas such as oil and gas pipelines.
The system automatically alerts of possible threats by analyzing the communicational activity around the deployed infrastructure.
Fixed ground sensors are deployed in key positions along the infrastructure and mobile sensors over vehicles patrolling the area.
The system also enables launching a UAV-borne sensor in order to focus the intelligence coverage to a specific area.
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