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​​GenCOM COMINT EOB Mapping is designed to automatically map the geo-spectral and tactical land, sea and air view of hostile military forces in an area of interest, monitor their activity and produce valuable targets.

The system is comprised of DF/TDOA sensors deployed on an array of fixed ground stations and vehicles or a single sensor mounted on a patrolling mobile platform.

The system handles different communications signals, fixed frequency, frequency-hoppers and burst signals and supports VISINT sensors and audio-monitoring capabilities.

GenCOM COMINT EOB Mapping features fast connectivity with other C4ISR systems and is highly customizable to the specific needs and requirements of different COMINT operators.

GenCOM Convoy Defense is designed to escort and defend mobile military convoys at a hostile terrain from military or terrorist ambushes and raids.

The system is comprised of DF/TDOA and GSM sensors deployed over a single or multiple armored vehicles that are a part of the convoy.

GenCOM Convoy Defense can be launched from a stand-alone laptop and supply the convoy a self-protection mechanism which automatically maps and generates real-time threat alerts.

The system handles a vast variety of COMINT signals, including frequency-hoppers and bursts, and features high customization capabilities to fit the specific operational demands of the operating forces. Fast connectivity with other C4ISR systems is also a built in attribute.
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