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 GenCOM EOB builds up a basic EOB (Electronic Order of Battle) picture from intercepted data received from multiple sensors, which is easily displayed on GenCOM UI++ or any other user interface type.

GenCOM EOB expertly handles diverse signals.
Input interface is easily customizable to a diverse range of customer needs and sensor types, allowing the integration of user-defined geographical, technical and temporary parameters.


GenCOM EOB produces basic EOB picture using sophisticated mathematical and statistical algorithms, cutting-edge methods of data integration and analysis of the intercepted data.


In near real time, GenCOM EOB produces numerous battlefield entities, including among others networks, transmitters, PTTs and inter-transmitter links.


GenCOM EOB advanced algorithms are able to identify new equipments activity on the battlefield. The algorithms also enable high-resolution transmitter separation, producing high location accuracy and superior EOB picture. Analysis is synchronized with user-initiated operations performed on the EOB entities. All end products are stored in the system database, or incorporated into advanced EOB analysis using GenCOM EOB++ or user’s systems. 






GenCOM EOB++ provides outstanding support to the battlefield decision making process by building up advanced EOB picture about both basic and integrated EOB entities stored in the system database, together with specific target battlefield attributes including entity movements, unit movements, network hierarchy, command post hierarchy and unit hierarchy.


By using rich script format and algorithms based on extremely complex sets of user- configured rules, GenCOM EOB++ schedules rule execution in EOB build up and analysis according to user-defined time frames. The unique flexibility of GenCOM EOB++ allows users to define new rules in runtime, based on applicable combat/arena philosophy.


GenCOM EOB++ activity may also be synchronized with user-initiated operations performed on EOB entities stored in the system database.


GenCOM EOB++ provides a combination of maximum flexibility and simplicity of use to produce an enhanced and accurate EOB picture. 

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