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GenCOM UI++ is a state-of-the-art SIGINT user interface application, designed for use with all SIGINT applications (such as GenCOM EOB and GenCOM EOB++) or simulation systems (such as the GenCOM SimGen and GenCOM SimPro).


Based on the UX Platform, GenCOM UI++ offers broad customization options and maximum flexibility for users of all kinds. Interface look and functionality is easily modified for optimum fit to user's preferences and system database.


GenCOM UI++ is an excellent tool for defining a broad range of mission data parameters for EOB generation and battlefield management. Using multiple data views, graphs and maps based on the system’s EOB database, users study and probe intercepted data on visual displays.


GenCOM UI++ also allows users to perform a range of operations (including delete, update, relate, etc.) on the EOB database, to drill-down and pinpoint critical data.


Interfacing with standard map packages (GIS), GenCOM UI++ also supports DTM based views, 

including terrain cuts and electromagnetic coverage areas.


GenCOM UI++ enforces organizational security policies by defining user profiles to reflect
access licenses of different user groups. 







GenCOM SpecView is a real-time graphic spectrum viewer package, which enables continuous spectrum display on an advanced and intuitive user interface.


Although GenCOM SpecView typically incorporates GenCOM EOB and GenCOM EOB++ outputs, supplemented by data from sensors, GenCOM SpecView interface is easily customizable to accept input from other sources.


GenCOM SpecView allows for real-time spectrum activity tracking through its multi-perspective graph views, including 2-D, 3-D and waterfall graph types. All graphs are continuously updated online to indicate spectrum and EOB activity.

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