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The innovative Rule Engine Platform provides an outstanding support to the user decision making process.


By using complex sets of user-defined rules based on the data stored in the system's database, the
Rule Engine Platform schedules rules execution according to user-defined time frames.


The Rule Engine Platform offers unique flexibility, allowing definition of new rules in run time.


The Rule Engine Platform is easily integrated into any database application.






GenCOM UX Platform allows software developers to easily create user interface applications for any system, and significantly reduces the required development time for such applications.


GenCOM UX Platform offers broad customization options and maximum flexibility for users of all kinds. Interface look and functionality is easily modified for optimum fit to user's preferences and system database.


GenCOM UX Platform enforces organizational security policies by defining user profiles to reflect access licenses of different user groups.


GenCOM UX Platform is easily integrated into any database application. 

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